Anger at joy riders in village wood

Manea Pit where people have been joy riding near new trees
Manea Pit where people have been joy riding near new trees

A woodland orchard planted by village volunteers with the help of a £7,500 Heritage Lottery grant has been badly damaged by joyriders using the area as a race track.

Manea Parish Council chairman Steve Emery has put out a plea for the damaging and potentially dangerous behaviour to stop and is also appealing for information on the culprits.

He said the area, which adjoins Manea Pit, has been planted with an array of trees by volunteers keen to create a pleasant woodland close to the revamped pit.

But it has become a popular venue for certain younger members of the community as a place to race motorbikes, quad bikes and cars.

“It has been going on for sometime, it started with motorcycles, then we had the quad bikes and now its young drivers and their cars. It is not a very big area and so what they are doing is potentially dangerous and could result in someone being badly hurt. They are churning up the grass - which will grow back but they are also damaging the trees.

“Volunteers have given their time and energy to try to create a lovely area for the village and these thoughtless people are destroying it. It is difficult to police because it is happening at night, but I would appeal to anyone with any information to come forward. The matter has been reported to the police,” said Mr Emery.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101.