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Annie triumph for theatre

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

The Angles triumphs again! Their staging of WAODS version of “Annie” was brilliant.

It would not be fair to single out any one person in the excellent cast, but 13-year-old Eva Mason, who took the lead role of “Annie,” deserves a special mention.

She commanded the stage with her singing and acting. It’s clear that if she continues with her musical education, she is destined to become a musical star of the future.

Well done the Angles and well done Eva!

Danny MacCullough,

Wisbech St Mary.

junior doctors

Don’t hold us to ransom

In my recent letter I wrote about all those brave people who gave their lives for King and country in WW2.

Now I have to speak about our Armed Forces in connection with the strikes by junior doctors.

I just wonder if they ever think about the young men and women who served our great country in the Falklands War and more recently conflicts like the Desert Storm and Afghanistan wars.

Did we ever read reports from the ‘Front Line’ of when the going got tough in those wars our troops refused to go into battle? No, they just got on with their tasks. They were true Brits, serving their Queen and country and proud to be doing so.

However you will see pictures of these brave people; they will have missing limbs and many other scars they suffered.

The pictures of these so-called junior doctors, standing in the street with banners and singing silly songs; it was a sickening sight. Grow up and be thankful you have got a job; you are not expected to walk through minefields, etc.

You have an important job so don’t try and hold people to ransom with these silly walk-outs.

Reg Wenn,


eu debate

Why I say we should ‘stay’

I read with interest Mike Stallard’s letter (‘In a muddle over vote’, March 16), in which he states he cannot decide whether to vote in or out on the EU.

His suggestion that we should adopt an Associate membership with either or both EEA/EFTA is doomed from the start. I believe that we would be foolish in assuming any re-negotiation will be to our advantage in the present economic environment, especially as a world economic downturn is forecast.

Also, an Associate membership has all the disadvantages of membership (no vote) and none of the advantages, (economic security, influence, and preferential rates). Norway is the fifth most important import partner within the EU but has no vote.

Gt Britain’s exports worldwide (2014) amounted to $480,300,000,000 and the EU’s exports worldwide were an astonishing $2,173,000,000,000 and only second to China in its bargaining power.

It is obvious from these figures that our financial influence around the world will diminish and our isolation will increase, proportional to our bargaining power.

At present our membership of the EU brings not only financial security, but also protection for the people of this country with laws pertaining to Health and Safety, Human Rights and Employment Rights to name just three.

I suggest you also look at the motives behind the reasoning for people voting to leave the EU. The xenophobic UKIP party and the Conservative party (who are in disarray) are all shouting from the rooftops about regaining our sovereignty.

As the voting boundaries in this country are altered for the benefit of the Conservatives (they wouldn’t do it, if it was a disadvantage) and Labour has lost the Scottish vote, we are in danger of becoming a one political party nation.

It is for these reasons I am voting to remain a full member of the EU.

Steven Smith,

via email.

sacha baron cohen film


I have recently seen the latest Sacha Baron Cohen oeuvre at The Light in Wisbech, called Grimsby.

Although it was politically incorrect in parts, I found it extremely funny and am not sure if I can view elephants in the same light.

Obviously with such films there is the necessary suspension of disbelief, however reading the Citizen of March 16 two stories caught my eye – and it seemed a case of art imitating life.

Veronica Trubshaw,


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