Another Fenland UFO sighting

THE question of UFOs in the skies over Wisbech has been raised again this week following yet another suspected sighting by a Citizen reader.

A man, who does not want to be named but lives in the Walsoken area, said he has gone from being a complete sceptic to being open-minded after his experience on Mothering Sunday (March 22) when he spotted a series of 'strange orange lights' in the sky over the Smeeth, Outwell and Emneth area.

The 35-year-old said his mother had drawn attention to the objects as they moved silently across the sky.

He grabbed his expensive binoculars to get a better look at the spherical shaped objects. He said they were brightest at the bottom and seemed to have very defined jagged edges where the light faded.

The man and his mother watched them for three minutes before they disappeared behind nearby trees, although one seemed to vanish without trace or warning. There were six objects in total.

"Rational thinking would say they were possibly hot air balloons - in fact that's what I thought while reading some of your readers accounts in the past.

"But these shapes were spherical, not the typical upside-down teardrop shape of balloons. And there was definitely nothing beneath them, no basket - nothing," said the man.

He continued: "So what these flying objects were is a mystery to me, I have not seen anything like it before.

"My reason for telling you is simply to put yet another encounter into the mix. I feel it is important to report such strange and unexplained stories.

"Being the ripe old age of 35 I have grown very sceptical of such things as ghosts, paranormal activity and UFO stories - but there are far too many sightings in this area with no real explanation, and now I have seen the mystery for myself I will be far more open-minded as far as others' encounters go.

"I regret that I was too shocked to grab my camera, so have no photographic evidence whatsoever. Even though I had time to get the camera and change the lens for a telephoto, I simply could not draw myself away."