Any support for shuttle bus?

FENLAND MP Steve Barclay is asking residents for their views on the possibility of a new bus shuttle between Chatteris and Manea.

Mr Barclay is hoping the idea would help residents access local trains and support the case for more trains stopping at Manea.

He is trying to establish what support there would be for a direct shuttle provided by Fenland Association for Community Transport (FACT).

“With a new rail franchise planned for 2013, we need to make the case that there is sufficient demand for more trains to stop at Manea. A way of helping to do so would be to encourage Chatteris residents, who currently travel from Huntingdon or March, to catch a train from Manea instead,” Mr Barclay has said on his website.

“I have discussed this with FACT who are willing to provide transport to meet trains at Manea, allowing onward travel to Peterborough and Cambridge. A bus shuttle from Chatteris to Manea would also increase the use of Manea rail station, strengthening the case for improvements to the station and its services.”

Mr Barclay has written to Chatteris Mayor Peter Murphy to see if the Town Council would support this proposal.

“Clearly this service will depend on whether there is support to make providing the minibus worthwhile for FACT.”

Mr Barclay is asking Chatteris residents in favour of the idea to let the Town Council know.