Apology after shop accident

THE manager of Wisbech’s Tesco store has apologised profusely to a family after a glass panel fell on their child’s head.

Grandfather Jimmy Greenwood was in the cafe at Tesco with his daughter and two grandchildren when the incident happened on Thursday.

They were having lunch when the manager accidentally knocked one of the glass panels with a trolley.

The family were horrified as the panel, around five feet by four feet in size, tipped over, landing on 15-month-old George Love’s head.

“We’re lucky it didn’t kill him,” Mr Greenwood said. “The panel wasn’t screwed down properly.”

Mr Greenwood and his daughter, Hannah Love, said they do not blame the manager as it was an accident, but want to know how the panel was able to fall in the first place.

A spokesperson for Tesco said an internal investigation had been carried out over the weekend and all correct procedures had been followed prior to the accident.

The spokesperson added: “The manager is very, very sorry that it occurred and will make sure processes in the store are double and triple checked to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Thankfully, George was not injured and was checked out at North Cambs Hospital before going home to Welney.

George and Ryan Greenwood (7) were also allowed to pick a toy each from the store as a gesture of goodwill.