Appeal for four remaining missing pets

one of the posters highlighting the missing pets
one of the posters highlighting the missing pets

Dog owner Jenny Freeman has issued a heartfelt plea for the safe return of the remaining four of her missing dogs.

Eleven of Jenny’s pets were taken in a burglary at her Walpole St Peter home back on August 30 when intruders smashed in the back door and took the dogs - nine Pugs and two Bulldogs - as well as silver and jewellery.

Since the original appeal, seven of the missing dogs have been found but four Pugs are still missing.

And the missing dogs need veterinary treatment.

A substantial reward has been offered for their safe return and Jenny said she is “fearful” for them.

Still missing is a black female Pug puppy, two small black females - one has an eye missing and the other has deformed legs. The other is a fawn bitch which is due to have puppies any day.

Jenny said this Pug needs professional care as soon as possible.

Jenny (71) explained she has been keeping dogs for many years and she is desperate to get her pets back.

“They are our pets. This is where they belong. I live in hope. We have put up so much information, hopefully people will be on their guard,” said Jenny, adding the pregnant bitch has been micro-chipped and local vets have been alerted.

Of the dogs originally stolen, three were found by a dog walker after being dumped between Wisbech and March on the roadside, three were discovered at a site in Wisbech and one was found in Wisbech after a phone call.

If you can help call Norfolk police on 101, Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or the Citizen newsdesk on 01945-586138.

Pictured is a poster of one of the missing dogs.