Appeal for help after attack

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A 53 year-old woman, who was knocked to the ground by a man while she was wearing a promotional mascot costume, has issued an appeal for help to track down the culprit.

Wanda Sutton was walking home in her Mrs Tee golf ball costume at about 1.20am on August 14 when she was attacked.

The incident happened in Wisbech’s Norfolk Street when she was passing a group of three men and one woman.

Two of the men came running towards her from across the road as if to give her a hug but one of the men deliberately knocked her flat on the floor, landing on top of her.

A shocked Wanda was left with bruising, whiplash-type injuries and ribs which were cracked on both sides of her rib cage.

She was not far from her home and had left the costume on because she had been doing some promotional work at a local venue that night.

She said the men were drunk, aged probably in their early 20s and were foreign.

She said one of the men apologised before the group left. An English couple came to her aid and the incident was reported to the police.

Wanda said the matter seems to be no further forward and she is hoping Citizen readers will come forward if they saw anything.

She would also like to hear from any shopkeeps or businesses which may have captured the incident on CCTV.

If you can help Wanda, contact the Citizen newsdesk on 01945-586138.