Application for 30 new homes

RODDONS has submitted a planning application to build 30 new houses on a Wisbech site known to be a hotspot for drug dealine.

The site for the proposed development at Acacia Avenue is known locally as ‘The Venchy’ and is an open green space with footpath links across it. It is beyond the fence-lines of back gardens of properties on Edinburgh Road, Southwell Road and Lime Avenue.

In the application, Roddons states the green space has become “the focus for crime generally and drug-dealing specifically, given its secluded nature and many escape routes”.

The proposal is to build 30 affordable houses, made up of five two bed gable end houses, 12 two bed houses, 10 three bed houses and three four bed houses.

The development would involve demolition of existing properties owned by Roddons, but they have been designated as “not suitable for conversion into the type of dwellings required to fulfil the current housing needs in the area”. One has also been badly damaged by fire.

It is planned to extend Acacia Avenue – which is currently a cul-de-sac – to allow access to the site.

It is also planned to close off the existing pedestrian links through to Southwell Road and Lime Avenue.