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Are UKIP in trouble locally

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

On June 4 voters in Wisbech South went to the polls – this time to elect their County Council representative.

In 2013, UKIP stormed this election, winning nearly 40% of the votes. However, this time they only received 15%.

Samantha Hoy (Conservative) won with over 60% and I congratulate her. I assumed Sam was the most likely victor and that the challenge between Labour and UKIP would be the more interesting result.

At the count, it looked like Labour’s Dean Reeves may have edged second place, but UKIP’s Susan Carson just took it. In 2013, UKIP were over 22% ahead of Labour. The gap this time was just 3%. Labour have gained 19% on UKIP’s lead over them. They are breathing just down their necks.

I believe that this is the beginning of the end for UKIP locally. They have failed to retain this County Council seat and, despite spending huge amounts of money on newspaper adverts and delivered leaflets during the general election, they now have fewer seats on local councils in the area than when they started.

Farage’s ‘un-resignation’ saga has not helped, and the local party are losing all credibility after delivering nothing locally during their time as councillors.

Following two recent poor election results UKIP are over and out. Their days are numbered – and I anticipate that the county council elections in two years’ time will reflect this.

The Liberal Democrat vote in Wisbech South has also disappeared, with their vote remaining below 70 votes – equating to around 3%.

The Labour Party seem to be getting their act together locally, just at a time that UKIP are failing to do so; although I believe they have plenty of work to do over the next year or so before the county council elections if they are to secure any County Councillors.

Not a single UKIP representative attended the count and election result – does that suggest they know they are in trouble locally or just show a lack of respect to voters?

Congratulations to Sam, commiserations to Carson.

James Lowery,

Labour Party Member, Wisbech.

election letter

Give us facts

Mr P Davis (Letters June 6) accuses Mr Smithee (Letters May 20) of sour grapes regarding the General Election.

He does this by quoting rhetorical headlines from the right wing press and then states them as fact, rather than his subjective viewpoint. So let me point out some facts for his edification and enlightenment.

Blair did not “take us to war” – Parliament did, with a vote of 412 against 149. This is called democracy.

Suggesting that Gordon Brown “sold off our gold cheaply, which at today’s prices would be enough to pay off the national debt” is akin to me suggesting that Margaret Thatcher selling off the railways and post office would be enough to pay off our national debt and put 50 quid into everyone’s pocket; pure nonsense.

He also accuses Mr Brown of leaving us bankrupt, as if the world economic crisis was his sole responsibility rather than the banks’, who sold subprime mortgages.

He then accuses the unions of doing nothing but bringing this country to its knees.

May I remind you, Mr Davis, that the unions fought hard for the following benefits that I am sure you have enjoyed throughout your life – holidays from work, sick leave, pensions, education for all, fair wages for a fair day’s work, human rights, anti-discrimination laws.

As for the Labour Party being, “finished and hopefully the unions” he has obviously never heard of the phoenix (a bird reborn from the ashes of its former self).

Mr Davis, stop talking drivel and put some facts into your rhetoric.

Steven Smith,



I refer to the letter of June 10 from P Davis.

In it he castigated poor old John Smithee just for giving an honest opinion.

I found the letter rather childish – along the lines of “if I can’t be goalkeeper then we won’t use my football”.

Don’t concern yourself too much about the Labour Party – they will rise again just like the phoenix.

As for the unions, Mrs Thatcher tried her hardest to obliterate them and now the present right wing Tory Party is trying to do the same.

Anyway, that’s enough of my ‘dribble’ – I’ll go and pay my union dues and Labour Party membership.

Robert Harvey,


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