Artist Yvette’s piece of success

Yvette Cobley who had a piece bought by a dealer on Channel 4's Four Rooms programme
Yvette Cobley who had a piece bought by a dealer on Channel 4's Four Rooms programme

March artist Yvette Cobley is hoping an appearance on a Channel 4 programme will help boost her fledgling career.

The housewife and mother of The Green, is hoping to turn a life-long hobby into a credible career as an artist, and her proud husband Lester is supporting her all the way.



In fact Lester, an officer at Whitemoor Prison, is responsible for Yvette’s recent success on the Four Rooms programme aired earlier this month on Channel 4.

He took along one of Yvette’s unusual mosaic creation’s and managed to hold his nerve to sell the table for £800.

Four Rooms sees four dealers/experts vying to buy or not as the case maybe an item brought for sale by a member of the public. The seller has to decide whether or not to accept an offer and sell their item when a bid is made.

They can reject a bid and move into the next room, but it can be risky as the following buyers may not make a bid, or their bid may be lower than a previous one.

Lester rejected bids made in the first two rooms before accepting the offer made in the third room by well-known interior designer Celia Sawyer, who has a celebrity client list.

“We don’t know which of her clients she bought the sculpture for, but we can be fairly confident it is someone famous that now owns Yvette’s table,” said Lester.

Yvette has been ‘dabbling’ in creating sculptures at her home for years, but it is only recently that she has decided to do it full-time and try to make a career out of her art.

“Four Rooms is a really entertaining programme, because it is a real game of cat and mouse. You don’t know whether or not what you are selling is going to be desirable to the dealers, so it is a question of trying to gauge when to accept an offer. The programme used to be shown on day time TV, but Channel 4 has now given a prime time slot at 8pm.

“Unfortunately we were told we couldn’t talk about our appearance before the programme went out, so people locally will probably have missed us. But episodes are often re-run so hopefully people will see us some time in the future,” said Lester.

To find out more about Yvette visit her website: