Baby’s roadside delivery - as couple face no room at the hospital

Police Community Support Officers help mum-to-be give birth in the car: Mum Inga Munkova and baby Viktorja with PCSOs Donna Thompson and Sam Dyer. Photo: Alan Miller
Police Community Support Officers help mum-to-be give birth in the car: Mum Inga Munkova and baby Viktorja with PCSOs Donna Thompson and Sam Dyer. Photo: Alan Miller
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IT was almost a re-run of the Christmas story for parents of a little girl born on the side of the road with the help Police Community Support Officers.

There was quite literally no room at the inn - or in fact the Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn - when Inga Munkova went into labour with her second child and was forced to travel instead to Wisbech.

However, on their way to the North Cambs Hospital they were called to say the Wisbech hospital couldn’t take them either and they would have to carry on to Peterborough.

But by then Inga’s contractions were coming fast and her partner Dmitrijs Frolovs was forced to pull over outside Bodger’s in Lynn Road and try frantically to flag down some help.

Luck was finally on their side when one of the passing cars stopped and it turned out to be carrying PCSOs Sam Dyer and Donna Thompson, who were willing to help.

It is all part of a PCSO’s training to take the initiative in any challenging situation, but the drama of Saturday, December 17, was something out of the ordinary.

Luckily Donna has plenty of experience of labour, having had four children of her own.

She said: “I assessed the woman, who was on the back seat of a car, and immediately saw she was in full labour.

“I asked how far apart the contractions were and she said all the time and she wanted to push.

“I tried to keep her calm and said I had four children of my own. I told her to pant through the next contraction that came but the baby’s head was beginning to emerge.

“I went to the other side of the car and asked Sam to call for an ambulance.

“I began preparing the lady for giving birth and then the head popped out.”

Donna noticed the baby girl was a bluish colour and the umbilical cord was around her neck so she unhooked it and asked Inga, who lives at King’s Lynn, to push on the next contraction.

As the baby emerged, Donna cleaned her mouth and rubbed her back.

She added: “The baby started to cry and turned a lovely colour pink. It was all very fast and very surreal and it was quite emotional in the end.

“I couldn’t remember a lot of it afterwards – it’s like I just went into autopilot. I wouldn’t want to do it every day but it was great and what a Christmas present.

“The mum was great all the way through, even though she was scared, and Dad was ecstatic after baby was born.”

The baby was born at about 2.15pm. About five minutes later, paramedics arrived and then an ambulance, which took the healthy mother and baby to hospital.

Inga, Dmitrijs, their new daughter Viktorija, who tipped the scales at around 8lbs, and their older child Laura were reunited with the Good Samaritan PCSOs at a special press conference on Friday.

Cuddling her new baby Inga said: “I said the baby is coming, we were in a neighbour’s car and there wasn’t any time to panic.

“Donna was talking to me and I said the baby is coming. It could only have been about 15 minutes from start to finish. The baby just came out very quickly.

“Everything is fine and everything is well with me. The baby is eating and sleeping a lot and she is very calm.

“We have been able to laugh about it alot afterwards, but at the time it was very worrying.

“The police who helped me should be given a medal.”

Dmitrijs added: “It was a very nice Christmas present and one that we are bound to remember.”

The couple said the QEH had since apologised for not being able to take them when Inga needed to be admitted and for the ordeal they then had to go through.