Bacon Buttie Festival at March

ON Saturday July 14, St Peter’s Church in High Street, March, will hold its first Bacon Buttie Festival.

Everyone knows that Bacon Butties from St Peter’s Church should come with a Michelin Star. They’ve been served at every St Peter’s event year after year, and now the humble bacon sandwich takes centre stage at the buttie festival from 9am to 1pm.

You can have your buttie any way you like: with sausage, with egg, with black pudding, or with everything.

Feeling insanely hungry, have you got what it takes to try the churchwarden’s Chilli Challenge? A baguette filled with bacon and topped with the churchwarden’s fiercely hot chilli sauce.

But it’s not all about the food. There will be one or two other cheery distractions to keep you amused including a book stall, quoits, a cake competition stall and (for the first time) a Human Fruit Machine – a human powered version of the arcade classic!