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Ban fishing and save otters

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I read with interest that the wildlife hating parish council plan to fence the lake at Manea pit, in order to keep out an endangered and vulnerable species of animal – namely otters.

The solution to me is simple. Residents and people who enjoy this area should offer to match what the commercial carp fishing organisation pays them – namely £5,000 a year – ban fishing and leave the water to be as natural as possible, with thriving wildlife from otters down to sticklebacks and toads.

Form a committee and have volunteers to patrol the area, maintain it, litter pick, provide benches and ban fishermen from hoiking live fish out with hooks in their throats!

If I lived near such a valuable amenity with a chance to spot otters, I would most definitely subscribe to a Manea pits nature reserve fund. Form a trust to protect the area, get charitable status even.

Little natural jewels like this are few and far between. Fishing lakes are aplenty. Put nature and education before profit.

This could attract people from far and wide to do a spot of otter watching, schoolchildren could visit with teachers and clued up volunteers could show the kids what to look out for.

In fact I will volunteer my time to put together a booklet detailing the flora and fauna which can be found, where to see otters and the like. Sell it for a quid to parties and individuals and this will raise cash for keeping the place in good order.

I would much rather see a plan like this, than have it stocked full of large carp – which may stop other species of fish from thriving and keep out what must surely be one of our most amusing and interesting species of mammal.

Pam Thompson,

Tydd St Giles.

junior doctors’ dispute

They need our support

Junior doctors are continuing their magnificent battle in defence of their contracts and against privatisation of the NHS.

Their strikes have revealed a determined workforce united in struggle. There was solidarity from other trade unionists and from the public. Some online polls put public support at over 90%.

But the strike has also revealed intransigence on the side of the Tory government.

Behind them stand the private healthcare companies. These vultures see public services and particularly health as extremely lucrative.

If the Tories are successful in imposing this contract, consultants and GPs are likely to be their next target. But the Tories can be defeated.

The most important thing is for the BMA to stand firm. They should also make an appeal for concrete solidarity action from the trade union movement – starting with the teachers who are faced with mass academisation, i.e. privatisation of schools, and the steel workers.

The junior doctors can win. But they have rightly said that the health service must be defended on all fronts. This needs a socialist programme for the NHS which would reverse all privatisation, scrap PFI and end all the cuts in pay, pensions and services.

Nationalising the pharmaceutical industry would save billions of pounds. Democratic socialist planning of a publicly owned and run NHS with the full funding needed would end the real threat it now faces to its existence.

The junior doctors need our support. This is the time to give it.

John Smithee,


crime election

Specials an addition

I was interested to read about how Norfolk’s police special constables worked 76,000 hours on duty in 2015 and was delighted that volunteers had contributed so much to the Norfolk Constabulary – something which fits in with my vision for more community policing.

However, I feel that it is important that these special constables must continue to be an addition to current police officers and PCSOs, rather than as cheap replacements (especially given the scale of government funding cuts).

Otherwise I fear that Norfolk’s police force will cease to be a supportive, visible presence in which we can all trust.

Martin Schmierer,

Green Party PCC candidate for Norfolk.

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