Bees nest rescue

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A GROUP of children have been thanked after they helped police rescue a bees nest.

PCSO Terry McCormack had been patrolling in Wisbech when he came across a group of children and dog walkers swarming around a nest that had fallen from a tree in Tillery Park.

While he waited for two local beekeepers to arrive he tasked the children with helping him cordon off the area.

PCSO McCormack said: “The nest had fallen from a tree and was a crumpled mess on the floor but there were more than 1,000 bees protecting it. Fortunately due the chilly temperature the bees were docile and in order to keep the curious children at bay I asked for their assistance in keeping people away from the nest.

“There was a real buzz in the park as people helped to keep the area clear until the bee keepers were able to scoop up all of the bees and move them to safety.

“I would like to thank the children involved for their help.”