BENWICK: Warning after chip pan fire

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The fire service has reiterated the dangers of chip pan fires after a blaze in a Benwick house.

One crew from Chatteris and one crew from Ramsey were called to a fire in a house in River Close, Benwick, at 7.55pm on Saturday.

The kitchen was well alight after an unattended chip pan caught fire.

Four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used a dry powder extinguisher, one hose reel and one covering jet to put out the fire. The house was also ventilated by crews.

All occupants were out on arrival of the fire service.

Tony Thacker, Watch Commander at Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue, said: “This was a well developed fire in a kitchen caused by a chip pan being left unattended.

“The home owner was informed by fire control to get out of the property and close the door behind her. This action made a substantial difference to the amount of damage contained to the kitchen.

“The home owner was alerted to the fire by her smoke detector going off.”

Chip pans can be extremely dangerous and are the cause of the largest number of fire-related injuries in the home. Oil itself is a volatile substance when heated, and it only takes seconds for an accident to occur, no matter how careful and vigilant you are.

If a chip pan fire occurs, the Fire Service advises residents not to panic, never throw water on the fire, do not move the pan and turn the heat off if it is safe to do so before dialling 999.