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Beware of email scam

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I would like to draw readers’ attention to what I believe may be an attempted internet scam.

This involves emails from an unknown source with an invoice attachment, claiming the recipient is responsible for a substantial unpaid debt.

My advice would be never to open the attachment, since it could be a method of introducing malware into the system, which could compromise the security of personal information, including details of financial transactions.

I have received two such emails in the space of three days – one from Pittsburgh in the USA!! – but have not opened the attached invoice because of my suspicions, and have reported the attempted scam.

Jane Keegan,



Fens are so fortunate

In the wake of disastrous flooding in the north of the country, we in the low-lying Fens are exceptionally fortunate to escape such dire circumstances.

Much of our land is below sea level and our towns and villages on former islands are ideally situated were continous heavy rain to happen in this area.

In the north country embankments are generally ineffective in such weather.

Compare them with the Fens’ embankments, which are 20 times as large and the rivers and drains well below.

Off-island we have the country’s most efficient fresh water pumping system urging water into the sea.

It is regarded as the best in Europe.

Were it not for these assets and the sluices and washland we would be up to our necks in water.

There is even a device detecting incoming wet weather and pumps lower existing water levels, thus making room for incoming rain.

Britain is at the mercy of two great weather empires – the Eurasian landmass and the Atlantic.

Climate change or not, floods of varying intensity will always be with us and “never again” is a futile hope.

But while there is never a guarantee, Fenmen work with nature.

Here, we are at least prepared.

Trevor Bevis,


A pledge – by George!

George Osborne pledged to match pound-for-pound donations to help victims of the floods.

That’s ideal as tax payers are making private donations and their tax contributions are also being contributed.

And I thought Osborne was opening up his own personal bank account and donating £50 million himself!

Mark Burton,


wisbech town council

Bah humbug

I entirely agree with Alan Lay, our elected stranger in the strange political landscape that is Wisbech Town Council.

When I was a Liberal Councillor in Peterborough, up to 1995, the majority of the 48 elected Councillors for Peterborough City Council were Conservatives (through and through) – and yet, at the time when Neville Sanders was their Leader, I was chair of resources committee responsible for all the property, finance and personnel for that ever-so-slightly larger than Wisbech Cathedral City.

I also served as Chairman for two years of Peterborough City Contract Works, responsible for the depot and workforce for the City – as a Liberal Councillor in a Council that had a Conservative majority.

In my last year I was offered the Mayoralty of the City of Peterborough, which I turned down because my wife was in training for a particularly gruelling competition and it would have been unfair to her to have done anything else. But – I proposed Bobbie Day to take my place as a Liberal councillor, and Peterborough had a Liberal Mayor that year, as Chairman of the Council.

Any suggestion that other political parties, or even independents, cannot be Chairs of committees is a truly short-sighted and demeaning approach by the local Cons.

In my humble opinion, at this seasonal time of goodwill to all men (and women) the Conservatives continue to be full of humbug.

Erbie Murat,


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