Big cat ‘paw prints’ in the snow

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IS this proof of the Fenland big cat?

These photographs were taken in the garden of a property in Redmoor Lane, Wisbech, and show animal tracks criss-crossing the snow.

The pensioners, who do not want to be named, believe the tracks belong to the evasive big cat that has allegedly been spotted many times in the area.

The prints are about two inches across and spaced about 18 inches apart, much larger than the tracks of a regular domestic cat.

Within some of the tracks, it is possible to make out the shape of pads. There was no sign of claw marks, which would be visible in dog tracks.

The couple have been plagued by an animal that has been killing their poultry.

The man estimates they have lost around £100 worth of animals in recent weeks, but they do not believe a fox or domestic cat is to blame.