Big cat seen in village


RESIDENTS in a Fenland village have sighted what they believe to be one of the area’s infamous ‘big cats’.

The first sighting of what is described as a sandy coloured large feline happened last Friday night (August 26) at around 11.30pm by a woman who happened to look out of her window in Westfield Road, Manea.

She described how the animal, which is much bigger than a normal domestic cat, walked out of a field and sat in the road before slinking through the railings on her gate and rubbing up a fence panel.

The animal spent several minutes ‘mooching’ around before heading off up the road heading towards Chatteris.

The woman, who didn’t want to be named, said the cat was a sandy/golden colour with slightly pointy ears. It was a bit bigger than a fox, with a cat-like face.

“My first thought, was ‘what the hell is that’,” said the woman, who had time to fetch some binoculars to get a closer look before the animal moved off.

“It didn’t seem to be too worried. It strolled out of the field and into the road before sitting down. It then came through the railings on my gate, rubbed up against a fence panel before going and spraying up the next door neighbours car. It then just walked off up the road,” she said.

Strangely the animal returned a couple of nights later, when a neighbouring resident also caught sight of it and agreed it was not an ordinary domestic cat.

Research on the internet has led them to think it could be something like an African Sandcat or possibly and Abyssinian domestic cat.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The animal didn’t seem to be worried and it has come back a couple of times since. I’m sure other people will have seen it as it ran out in front of a van on one occasion and a car on another. I have cats and one of them is quite big, but this is much bigger. I have tried to get a photograph but my flash doesn’t quite go far enough,” she added.

A goldy coloured cat has been spotted in both the Chatteris and Doddington area’s in the past. A postman spotted it sitting in a field close to Washbrook Farm a couple of years’ ago and a woman also saw it from her kitchen window in Chatteris.

Have you seen the big cat? Call the newsdesk on 01945-586135.