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Wisbech resident: 'We will not be your canaries over incinerator'

Re the incinerator protest rally in Wisbech (Citizen, February 19).

I was the very concerned resident of Wisbech and trade unionist that held up the hand-made sign that read “We refuse to be your canaries”.

I made this sign because I wanted to highlight the air quality issue alongside the fact that, like burning coal, this mega incinerator is not a green energy solution nor is it an effective long-term waste solution.

Wisbech incinerator protestor Amy Dodd-Broad (29780360)
Wisbech incinerator protestor Amy Dodd-Broad (29780360)

Many town centres have made the effort to have public combined bins that promote recycling and this has been very effective at making recycling an everyday habit for people, rather than something that is just done at home.

Predominantly I really think that our government’s long-term strategy is going down the wrong path as our resources are finite. We should be reusing items and recycling when that is not a possibility and composting using a bokashi bin or garden compost bins which everyone can get at a reduced price, along with other things like water butts, by following the link on the local council website.

I have tried over a very long period of time to personally reduce my waste by shopping for veg locally and buying packaging free items through box schemes that are very convenient.

The Fenland Citizen is against the incinerator. (29797111)
The Fenland Citizen is against the incinerator. (29797111)

I’m very concerned that this government is not putting enough pressure on companies to clean up their act when it comes to packaging and have mostly left this to markets when, in this day and age of austerity, people are lucky to have enough money to put basic food on the table and most are not in the privileged position to be picky about the amount of packaging – which is why this government needs to grow more of a backbone when it comes to viable long-term use and management of our planet’s resources.

Amy Dodd-Broad,

via email.

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