Bobbies on the beat in your town centre

Wisbech Police - PC Dave Stevens and PCSO Steve Staniforth
Wisbech Police - PC Dave Stevens and PCSO Steve Staniforth

If you are in Wisbech town centre, do not be surprised to see a bobby on the beat.

Wisbech now has a dedicated town team to help tackle the issues that make the town centre “unique” in the district.

Inspector Robin Sissons explained that problems with street drinking and street littering, as well as shoplifting, are prevalent in the town centre and in response to this, the team has been set up.

PC Dave Stevens will be the main officer, with back-up from PCSOs Kat Walker and Steve Staniforth. They will be on foot in the town centre on a daily basis, linking up with the community and providing a visual deterrent for potential offenders.

PC Stevens said: “The feedback has been unbelievable. I must get stopped six times a day by people saying how glad they are to see bobbies back on the street. The response has been much better than I thought it would be.”

He has already started to make connections with local businesses and wants to get to a point where every shopkeeper knows him. In this way, communication can be increased and more offenders can be caught.

This return to “grass roots” policing aims to give the police more of a presence on the streets, reassuring the public and working towards dealing with the issues in the town centre.

The police will also be working with other agencies, including the town council, Fenland District Council and Drinksense, to find a solution to the problems rather than just reacting to them.

Insp Sissons said they want members of the public to speak to the officers if they have concerns and not be worried about approaching them.

“These officers are community based and the idea is that they will work with the community and businesses,” he said. “We also want the officers to look at long-term solutions around issues like parking.”