Boiler problems for family

Louisa Boness ,with children Jack Punton (4), Tyler Punton (8mths) and Bradley Punton (9), is having problems with a boiler and trying to get Roddons to fix it.
Louisa Boness ,with children Jack Punton (4), Tyler Punton (8mths) and Bradley Punton (9), is having problems with a boiler and trying to get Roddons to fix it.
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A mum of three young children is at the end of her tether due to problems with a leaking boiler in her Wisbech flat.

Louisa Boness said the leak resulted in flooding to her end room and part of the hallway at the Kinderley Road property.

Roddons Housing Association, who own the house, have apologised for the delay in repairing the boiler and agree it is “unacceptable”.

Circle Housing Regional Operations Director Christopher Smith said: “Unfortunately the sub-contractor who provides gas services for this region is having difficulties in providing anything close to the level of service that our customers deserve.

“We agree that it is clearly unacceptable to be left without heating and hot water for this amount of time and would like to apologise for the inconvenience and discomfort caused. We are really concerned about the impact this is having on some people, and are working hard with our contractor Kier to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

The boiler started leaking on November 27 and Louisa reported it to Roddons. She said someone came out late the following day but said he had also called on the day she reported the matter but no one was home.

“I had been in all day on the Wednesday and Thursday as my eight month-old son had not been very well and I didn’t want to take him out in the cold,” said Louisa, adding she was told the hydraulic block needed replacing and the part would be ordered Friday morning and to make sure she was at home on the Monday so it could be fitted.

“I waited in all day Monday and had nothing. I phoned Roddons everyday day and had no joy,” she claimed.

Louisa said: “If I had not had the sense to keep putting buckets etc and keep emptying them, my whole flat would have been flooded.”

After getting through to someone on December 5, Louisa said she was told she would have to wait over another week for the part.

“I had no choice but to have my heating and hot water supply drained and turned off because I could no longer control the leak and couldn’t afford to keep washing and drying every towel, blanket and sheet I have used to soak up the water.”

In the meantime, Louisa has been given three electric fan heaters but she said they are costing a fortune to run and don’t heat the flat enough as it is drafty and subject to mould and damp. She is using water from the shower for her hot water needs.

As well as her eight-month-old, Louisa has a four and a nine year-old. She said: “I understand they have to wait for parts etc but is this really acceptable to leave a mother and three children in this condition?”