Brave Murphy is a life-saver

Jen Towler with Murphy he is a dog blood donor ANL-140326-165059001
Jen Towler with Murphy he is a dog blood donor ANL-140326-165059001

Murphy the Golden Retriever is a true canine hero helping to save the lives of many other pets.

The six-year-old beloved pet of Jen Towler and her fiance Dan Cole has become one of less than 20 dogs in Cambridgeshire to be a blood donor to help sick animals nationwide.

Jen of Chatteris, who ties the knot with Dan later this year when Murphy and the couple’s other dog Bramble will be attendants, explained she had seen a feature on the BBC’s One Show about dog blood donors.

“It highlighted the need for dogs to give blood and talked about an open day in Peterborough. I hadn’t really heard about it before then, but I took Murphy along to the session and he was absolutely fine with everything.

“They shaved a bit of his neck to take a sample, and then shaved the other side to take the donation. It took less than four minutes to get the blood and Murphy just lay there enjoying all the attention and the treats he was being fed. The blood is kept in a central bank and sent out to animals that need it

“Some dogs are anaemic and need regular transfusions. There is a shortage of dog donors and I just wanted to highlight the issue,” said Jen.

She explained the shortage of donors is down to having the right dog.

“A lot of dogs get stressed out going to the vets and won’t just sit down. Murphy is so laid back, he sees life as one big game and wasn’t phased by what was going on at all. But our other dog Bramble would be totally upset by the whole thing, so she isn’t suitable.

“Dogs can give blood every three months up until they are eight, and Murphy will do that. I will be taking him to the next open day at Peterborough in May. Last time we went there were only about 13 dogs and they were from all over the county.

“I would really like to see more people coming forward with their pets,” added Jen.

The next session in Peterborough is at the Oundle Veterinary Surgery, South Road Oundle, Peterborough.

Visit: to find out more and to register your pet as a donor.