£60 fine that’s Asda price

A DRIVER is warning other customers visiting Wisbech Asda to be careful how they park after he was given a £60 parking fine in the store’s car park.

The man, who does not want to be named, was horrified to discover the ticket on his car when he came out of the store.

He explained the ticket had been issued by Town and City Parking, which is manages the car park on Asda’s behalf, because he had allegedly not parked properly within the designated bays.

However, he said the car next to him had also parked slightly crookedly and he had parked to give extra space for his wife to get in and out of the car easily as she struggles with her mobility.

“I think it is disgusting, I wasn’t aware that I could get a parking fine, there doesn’t appear to be any warning signs,” said the man, who pointed out the fine was reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days.

A spokesman for Asda said TCP had been advised to issue tickets only in cases where there was a blatant breach of the rules. He said rules governing use of the car park including a three hour maximum stay and correct parking within bay were being enforced because some customers had been finding it difficult to find a space.

The man added: “You would think with so many other supermarkets in the town including a new Morrisons that Asda would be doing everything it can to keep its customers happy. We certainly won’t be shopping there any more.”