Buy with confidence

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SHOPPERS at Wisbech’s Horsefair Centre can find out how to stop and avoid “rogue traders” this week and find out about a new consumer protection scheme that has been recently launched in Cambridgeshire.

“Buy With Confidence” is the largest independent scheme of its kind to be run nationally and it operates through the cooperation of the local authority Trading Standard Services.

On the morning of Friday July 6 two officers from Trading Standards will be located on the bus station area of the centre promoting the benefits of the scheme, and providing consumers with lists of local businesses that have signed up to ”Buy With Confidence,” having undergone a series of detailed checks before being accepted as an approved member.

Centre manager Kevin Smith, said: “This is an excellent scheme as it helps to protect consumers. I hope that it will also encourage businesses in throughout the area to visit the stand, find out about the scheme and apply. I recognise that for a business to be accepted as a member it is put though a number of rigorous checks but that can only offer genuine benefits to our shoppers.”