Chatteris company launches new LED range

tp24 is launching a new range of domestic lighting.
tp24 is launching a new range of domestic lighting.
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Chatteris company tp24 is finally seeing the fruits of years of hard work with the launch of several new lighting systems.

Throughout 2013 and over the last few years, tp24 LED Lighting have been striving to improve and re-invent domestic lighting, each year bringing revolutionary new solutions to the market. 2014 is no different; however, this year sees a culmination of effort with several of their long running programmes finally seeing completion.

These exciting new lighting systems which tp24 are launching have come about through years of frustration in not being able to adjust light fittings once they were fitted, without involving costly electricians, time and trouble; and all because the pretty slim fittings were either G9 or G4 which were almost impossible to offer in low energy because the replacement lamps were big and ugly.

Whenever you ask a retailer for a beautiful light fitting in low energy they give you a beautiful fitting and then hand you a bunch of bulky unsightly bulbs, the net result is an ugly and usually expensive fitting. At tp24, they spend most of their time thinking about how they can make beautiful low energy light fittings that will look good and actually light the room. Many of the low energy fittings on the market today simply do not have sufficient light levels to replace similar incandescent fittings. Light level is very important, particularly with LED.

tp24 start with the light source by finding and commissioning the smallest and brightest and shaping them to best suit their needs; then designing their fittings from the light source backwards. tp24 make their fittings dedicated so that they can only take low energy light sources and so you cannot go back to the old inefficient ways. tp24 also make their fittings so that the lamps can be replaced and upgraded. LED technology is advancing rapidly and it is important to be able to embrace new developments in the future and not have to discard any failures or out of date equipment.

2014 sees a raft of new products coming to the tp24 portfolio. Their award winning G40 range is growing rapidly and they have added some beautiful and creative new products, from architectural suspensions and space age wonders to new spots. tp24 have also converted many of their bestselling flush fittings; they have added to the outdoor ranges and have also created new mini wall and ceiling offerings that can be used in many situations from corridors and stairways or alternatives to bathroom and kitchen downlights.

January 2014 also sees the launch of their new L1X mini LED range that offers many G9 standard fittings with the GU10 style pygmy lamp. This range brings added benefits as the lamp is much easier to install and remove than a conventional G9 and because of the twist action, the glass can remain small and with their unique Halo Speed Ring (HSR) quick-fit head system, most of the range can be fitted with seals to create IP44 chandeliers for the bathroom, something that the industry is very short of.

Finally, tp24 are delighted to announce the launch of their LiveRod system. LiveRod has been their overriding passion for a number of years and bringing it to the market has given tp24 some big challenges to overcome, but overcome they have and the first range of exciting new fittings are now available.

So what is LiveRod and why do we need it?

LiveRod is a revolutionary plug and socket mains voltage system fitted inside a 12mm metal casing. LiveRod is named so because it is totally safe and uses the outer metal casing as its earth, which remains in contact before and after any live connection takes place, allowing you to interchange parts safely even if the power is on.

With LiveRod you will be able to interchange one fitting with another and to add or remove rods to the fitting, creating a bit of magic before your very eyes. LiveRod is a system of endless possibilities; most parts can be removed to make packaging far smaller saving huge shipping costs and shelf space in the warehouse and on the shop floor. To get the most from the system, tp24 have developed some exciting new LED lamps that offer even more choices and can finally recreate those classic G4 fixtures in a new way, without the transformers and in super small packages that can be added to, to increase the diameter or change the fitting height.

For the first LiveRod ranges, tp24 have kept it simple, making finished products with the option of adding rods to arms and heads. The potential is only as great as your imagination, tp24 will be adding many new parts and creating a freeform offering as well as developing many more regular lines and interconnecting ability to allow fittings to be built in layers like some of the prototypes that they will have on display at the upcoming Interiors 2014 Show which is being held at the NEC Birmingham from the 19th to the 22nd January.

All the new offerings are featured in their Metro collection with each system taking the names from either the Central line (G40), Piccadilly line (L1X) and Northern Line (LiveRod). tp24 sincerely hope you will join them on their journey to bring exciting and affordable LED lighting to the world.