Council Tax freeze for Fenland

FENLAND District Council’s ruling Conservative group is to recommend to the full council on March 1 a freeze on Council Tax.

This means that the Fenland District Council element of the Council Tax bill will not be increased.

A press release says Fenland District Council will be accepting the offer made by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles MP of a one-off payment of £188,000 which is the equivalent of a 2.5 percent Council Tax increase.

Conservative Group Leader and Leader of the Council, Alan Melton said: “We are pleased that we can honour our 2011 election commitment of freezing Council Tax for a further year.

“The council has made huge strides in finding significant savings within existing budgets and, at the same time, continuing to provide first class services.

“During the forthcoming year will shall have to meet further challenges, but I have every confidence that our members and officers will continue to manage the finances of Fenland with diligence and care.

“We have planned a number of exciting initiatives, which will be unveiled shortly, we intend to maximise and build on our record of working with partners and procuring external funding.”

However he added: “I cannot rule out tax increases in future years, which will depend on external financial circumstances, but we shall be working to maintain affordable Council Tax levels.”