DVLA personalised resgistrations aiming for another successful auction

Personalised number plate
Personalised number plate

DVLA Personalised Registrations will be hoping to emulate one of its “most successful three-day auctions in recent times” when it returns to Mercedes Benz World in Surrey on Thursday, September 26.

The Agency returns to the Weybridge attraction little over 12 months on from its first visit during which it raised more than £4 million for the Treasury.

And with a catalogue that includes an array of 1,500 registrations reflecting first and surnames, initials, sports, businesses and car models, the Agency is hopeful to succeed in its quest, boosted by the fact it is providing a tremendous experience for car fans and whole families alike.

In addition to free admission to the Mercedes museum enabling guests to get up close and personal to an incredible array of cars, exhibitions and films, registered bidders will also be entitled to free “hot lap” passenger rides around Mercedes’ own test track circuit in the very latest AMG Mercedes sports cars.

AU13 REY, CA12 OLS, C111 LLA and RO13 ERT are proving popular first name-related registrations in the sale while BR11 GGS, FA12 ROW and HO13 SON are drawing interest from customers wanting a registration to reflect their surnames. For sport there is GOA 111E and businesses there’s a distinctive child-like appearance with LU11 ABY, MUM 55Y and OKB 48Y. Of the totally quirky registrations being auctioned, H111 PPY and HER 8S arguably head the field.

Jody Davies, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Events Manager, said: “Having raised more than £14 million from the four auctions of 2013, the year has continued to be yet another successful one for the Agency and, if we manage to replicate the September sale of 2012 later this month that will surely continue.

“Our 2012 September sale was hailed as one of our most successful sales in recent times, not just because of the figure raised, but also because of the tremendously positive feedback we received from our customers and guests. Again we have chosen the venue purely on its strength of being able to offer a marvellous experience for the entire family.”

DVLA’s forthcoming auction will consist of a total of 1,500 registrations, all chosen to offer a selection to suit all tastes, styles and budgets including: 222 A (reserve - £3,000), AB12 AHM (£900), AMY 848E (£400), AU13 REY (£950), A45 AMG (£900), BAC 80N (£400), BEA 777Y (£400), BR11 GGS (£1,000), CA12 OLS (£900), CH11 SEA (£900), CL63 AMG (£1,500), C44 MPA (£350), C111 LLA (£400), DOG 1X (£700), DRE 33M (£400) D111 ONS (£400), 850 E (£2,600), ELV 15V (£400), E110 BEN (£350), FA12 ROW (£900), FRU 17T (£900), GL63 AMG (£1,500), HES 84D (£350), H111 PPY (£400), 85 KEN (£1,900), LEO 1G (£700), LU11 ABY (£900), MA12 THA (£900), MCL 412C (£400), MEL 1B (£700), MUM 55Y (£400), PD51 NGH (£1,000), P11 PES (£400), RAJ 80Y (£400), RO13 ERT (£2,000), SLS 63 (£1,900), SU11 TAN (£1,500), TOM 11M (£500), TUR 80N (£400), 1 USM (£2,900), 900 W (£2,800), WRX 70Y (£350), XKR 80Y (£400), X430 FER (£300).