Environmentally friendly plans for pig farm

PLANS have been submitted this week for a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly pig breeding unit at a Doddington Farm.

Rattlerow Farms has applied to Fenland Council for permission to build a new weaner/grower and farrowing pig building on vacant agricultural land at Coneywood Farm off Coneywood Road.

The proposals include a separate application for a wind turbine and solar panels.

A design statement submitted as part of the application by agent Jim Bywater, of ARM Buildings Ltd, explains the existing buildings date back to when the farm was originally developed 40 years ago and are out of date, with poor insulation properties.

The existing pig rearing operation at Coneywood Farm consists of 300 sows and is a nucleus pig breeding unit producing breeding stock for the UK and Europe.

The statement goes on to explain the aim is to improve the efficiency of the business and to make efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the pig rearing enterprise.

The aim is to build a combined wearner/grower and farrowing building on currently vacant agricultural land to the east of the existing buildings on the farm site.

The proposed building will be a significant improvement on the existing buildings and will improve animal welfare standards.

It will have energy efficient lighting and large double glazed windows units which will provide comfortable conditions for both livestock and staff.

Mr Bywater explains Rattlerow Farms are also keen to use renewable energy to achieve lower energy bills and reduce the ‘carbon footprint’ of the pig farm.

The separate application will be for a wind turbine matched to the size of Coneywood Farm supplement the farm’s electricity. The statement says the size will be kept deliberately modest to be less imposing on its surrounds and the output has been matched to the farm as Rattlerow Farms have no intention of supplying power back to the grid.

In addition solar panels will be fitted to the rooves of both new and existing buildings to give a second renewable energy source.