Fenland Council welcomes Alconbury Enterprise Zone

ALAN Melton and Chris Seaton, Leader and Deputy Leader of Fenland District Council, have welcomed the selection of Alconbury as one of the new wave of 10 Enterprise Zones announced by the Government.

They said: “The Government’s decision to make Alconbury one of the new Enterprise Zones is terrific news for Fenland and a great achievement for the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) .

“As an integral part of the Partnership, we are among those who stand to benefit greatly. It will boost growth and development not just in Huntingdonshire but across the whole area. Businesses now have more reason than ever to come to Cambridgeshire, bringing new investment, new jobs and new opportunities for people all over the county.

“In particular, the extra money that will be coming to the Partnership from business rates will be available to support a wide range of projects that will stimulate growth. It is just the sort of thing that we need to help us drive forward the Big Vision that we have just set out for development in Fenland over the next 20 years.

“The LEP Board will decide where that extra money will go. We will be working very closely with our Partnership colleagues to maximise the benefits for Fenland.”