Football scheme scrapped

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A LEADING football firm has questioned the ability of March’s young people to adapt to the modern working environment saying they “lack drive and determination” after a scheme that was designed to help unemployed youngsters take their first steps in business was scrapped.

Football Business, who specialise in selling franchises in community 5 and 6 a side football leagues, announced a scheme late last year that aimed to allow youngsters between 18-24 to take a franchise for free and keep the profits. That scheme is now being wound up at the end of July after just one suitable young person was found.

Football Business spokesman Andy Rushton admitted his immense disappointment at seeing the scheme ditched saying: “It was something that we thought up with the best of intentions. All we wanted to do was help, in some small way with the very real problem of youngsters not being able to find work.

“You only have to look at the news on an almost daily basis to see the problems that people are facing in getting their start in life, we believed it was almost our duty as a community focussed business to try and help.”

But Mr Rushton admitted the quality of candidates coming forward for the scheme just wasn’t up to scratch – and even wondered whether the education system was capable of turning out the businessmen of tomorrow.

“We found just one person that met the criteria,” he said. “I am sorry to say that everyone else we interviewed and spoke to lacked something fundamental. Whether it was basic literacy and numeracy skills or just sheer drive, determination and a willingness to work hard, it wasn’t there,” he said.

Mr Rushton did add that while the scheme was being placed on ice, that wouldn’t stop Football Business helping what he termed “the right sort of young people” wherever they could.

Franchises – whether free or not – are always available. Please visit for more information.