Getting more for your business

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CUB (UK) Ltd, a March-based energy consultancy, wants to help local businesses who may be feeling the strain of high energy bills, by advising on what information they need to look for to make sure they are getting the best out of their suppliers.

Staff are hitting the road on August 12 visiting businesses and retail parks around the region to talk to businesses about their energy needs.

Louis Fairfax, managing director, at CUB (UK) Ltd, will talk about the things businesses need to be aware of to get the best deal and service for your money.

The best time to shop around is this time of year when prices are lower compared to the winter price. Another option is to look into getting an energy consultant to do the work for you and get the best price possible.

CUB (UK) Ltd wants to build relationships and get to know you and your business needs. If you want to find out more, call CUB on 01354-606848. CUB is based at March Business Centre in Dartford Road.