Going away over Christmas? Don’t leave your empty house out in the cold

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Latest Property News from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
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The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on – but don’t forget to plan ahead and avoid getting caught out by the cold if you are leaving your home empty for a few days.

The same applies to any properties for sale which are left empty at this time of year – as Harrison Murray estate agents warn homeowners to be weather wise this winter.

A change in the weather can come suddenly, and could lead to all kinds of property problems like frozen pipes and leaks if you aren’t on hand to deal with them.

However, some forward thinking whilst you plan your festive celebrations could head off any potential December disasters.

In conjunction with home insurance partners RSA – Harrison Murray and The Nottingham Building Society have the following advice to help people protect their homes and limit the damage.

If you have an empty property for sale – or plan to leave your own home unattended for a few days:

Leave the heating on low as this will keep the water circulating and also to help prevent your pipes from freezing. A warm home also makes it more appealing to a potential buyer.

Check your loft insulation is thick enough and in good condition. A recommended depth of 270mm will ultimately help you save more money. Loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and double-glazing can all help protect your home and save money on heating bills. You may be eligible for a grant to help with this work.

Bleed radiators to get rid of any air inside which may lead to increased bills if the water can’t heat up effectively.

Insulate your pipes.

Consider turning off the water at the stopcock and draining down the system if you are away for a longer period.

If you are selling a property that is currently empty, don’t forget to unplug any appliances and clear out and defrost the fridge.

Su Snaith, head of estate agency for Harrison Murray and The Nottingham, commented: “With temperatures predicted to take a severe dip at this time, we are urging home owners to take the necessary steps to protect their property especially if it is going to be left empty during the Christmas holiday period.”