‘Guybrow’ products all the rage

‘Guybrow’ products are all the rage at Wisbech’s 99p Stores branch, who report men’s eye grooming products have been “flying off shelves” over the last three weeks.

So has it got anything to do with Alex Mills of BBC1 The Apprentice fame, booted off on Wednesday by Sir Alan Sugar?

The plucky contestant has exceptionally distinguished eyebrows and when he was booted off the show on Wednesday one newspaper said simply in its headline: ‘The Welsh contestant and his eyebrows said goodbye’.

“Who knows?” said a 99p Stores spokesperson. “But what we do know is that these products are flying off shelves and it has been over the last three weeks or so, a similar time as this particular programme.”

The one grooming product which has “flown” the most is a 99p MagiTrim trimmer which boasts “a curved stainless steel blade” that “never touches your skin”, which has been hugely popular in Wisbech.

99p Stores has a wide men’s range amongst its 5,000+ products including 99p after-shave, which won rave public reviews earlier this month during Father’s Day. There are 225 branches of 99p Stores in the UK and Ireland, attracting around 2M weekly customers. There is a branch in Wisbech town centre and also one in Huntingdon town centre.