Guyhirn couple foil oil theft attempt

A couple, who live in Gull Road in Guyhirn, found they were the target of thieves after being woken by their oil tank alarm.

It went off at 3.45am on July 15 when the homeowner’s wife saw the thief siphoning heating oil from their tank.

The raider, described as “around 5ft 5in, with a slim build and dark hair”, ran off after being startled when the wife banged on the window.

The thief had attempted to steal over 350 litres of heating oil after using professional tools to cut through the hinges of a lock attached to the oil tank.

The stolen heating oil was later recovered by the couple in their garden, where the thief abandoned it after being disturbed.

Eight full 25-litre barrels were found, along with six empty barrels.

The victim commented: “It was really nerve-wracking at the time, I’m in a wheelchair, so I had to wake my wife when the alarm went off and get her to go and look through the window at the tank.”

The couple had heard rumours of oil thefts in the area, but this is the first time they have fallen victim to the crime.

In addition to replacing the broken tank lock, they now plan to install further security measures, including security lighting and CCTV.