Hay-you! Don’t miss your chance to become a tenant farmer

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FOUR farms to let are up for grabs in Cambridgeshire as part of the County Council’s support of rural jobs and the local economy.

David King, national tenant spokesman for the NFU and a third generation tenant farmer in Cambridgeshire, features on a special film to talk about his experiences and encourage prospective candidates to go for it.

The farms looking for new tenants next year, 2012, are:

* Lincoln Farm, March,

* Ditch Farm, March

* Middlemere Farm, Soham

* New Farm, Earith

The farms will be open for viewing on December 6 and the deadline for applications is December 23 2011.

Cambridgeshire County Council’s Farms Estate covers 35,000 acres (13,500 ha) with 250 tenants and is the largest of its kind in England and Wales.

The Estate is important in Cambridgeshire’s rural economy, supporting many small businesses and provides funding for wider Council services as well as an important first rung on the ladder for new entrants to farming. It also helps protect the local unique countryside and environment as well as provide leisure opportunities in the countryside.

Prudent management of the estate since 1993 has enabled £51 million to be released to be spent on delivering council priorities.

The estate has been used to open public access to the countryside with miles of new bridleways and footpaths. It has also improved the landscape with new woods and hedges as well as protecting biodiversity and archaeology.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Steve Count said: “These four farms represent an amazing opportunity for someone to start a small rural business and get their foot on the ladder of a career in agriculture. The farms estate is important to the County Council in that it provides careers and boosts the local rural economy as well as protecting the environment. I would urge anyone to listen to what David has to say and maybe soon you could become his neighbour.”

Anyone interested should look at the Council’s website www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/council/property/estate/farms/farmstolet or call 01223-699095.