MARCH: Decking plan for Ship Inn

The Ship Inn at March has put in a planning application to build a projecting ship’s deck for its customers.

The plan, submitted to Fenland District Council by Paul Wing, wants to add the decking to the front of the pub on Nene Parade, by the steps that lead to the town centre moorings on the north bank of the river Nene.

Access to the facility, which will have a gross floor area of 14.65 metres squared, will be via the existing pedestrian access with a further child proof gate installed to access the deck.

The existing galvanised steel post and rail fence to the west of the landing will be replaced to prevent children climbing the fence. The floor level of the proposal will be the same as the existing landing to the steps.

The application states: “We feel the proposal will add a popular amenity to the river area of March and provide a pleasant outdoor relaxation facility to patrons of The Ship Inn. It should prove to be an added attraction for tourists, particularly those visiting by boat who berth at the moorings below.”

It is proposed to use timber decking and black painted steel ironwork with hoop tops and intermediate gold painted finials to form the guarding. The black will reflect the other ironwork in the public domain within the Conservation

Area and the gold was intended to reflect the Jubilee year, as it was hoped construction would start before the year end.