Name change on March High Street

Business News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Business News from the Fenland Citizen,, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Everyone who walks through the High Street in March will be familiar with the menswear store bearing the Boon & Potter name at Number 35. What passers-by may not have realised is that despite its many years as the perfect place to go when style, special events and dressing well is important, Boon & Potter has been part of the Robert Goddard fashion group since 2011.

The Robert Goddard brand is very familiar to customers who frequent the owner’s other two stores in Wisbech and Spalding, which offer both men’s and ladies’ fashion and formal wear. After significant investment in Boon & Potter over the past two years - which saw the development of an additional sales area to enhance the choices available - the finishing touch was to place the Robert Goddard name above the door. This final milestone event took place on September 16th just as the new Autumn and Winter ranges were placed in the store.

Owner, Oliver Tookman, said today, “From the beginning I have had absolute respect for the Boon & Potter name as part of the High Street’s history. I have also greatly valued the team members, led by Rosie, who have continued to provide excellent service since the store became part of the Robert Goddard group. During that time, the team has become very much part of the Robert Goddard family so it makes sense that with refurbishment and investment now complete, Boon & Potter should bear the same name, too.”

Oliver continued, “On my own behalf and of the team in March, I would like to thank all Boon & Potter customers for making the store such a vibrant and pleasant place where we can present the latest trends in both fashion and formal wear, whilst still retaining the classic lines that the store has been renowned for. I must also reassure everyone that it is only the name of the store that will change and that the team, their excellent service, the fabulous clothing and top brands will remain exactly the same.”