New religious education syllabus launched

A revised syllabus for the teaching of religious education in schools will be launched next week.

Cambridgeshire SACRE – the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education – will be releasing its new Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Cambridgeshire on Thursday, March 14.

The new syllabus promotes high-quality studying and questioning about religions and secular beliefs around the world and helps young people understand the importance of religious education.

Every five years, the Cambridgeshire SACRE reviews the RE syllabus and produces a new syllabus for the next five years. Following an extensive review with primary and secondary schools, faith members and County Councillors, the new syllabus will be taught from this September.

The syllabus explains the values and purposes of RE for all pupils, and specifies for the teachers what shall be taught in each age group. It provides a framework to allow for deeper levels of knowledge and understanding of religious and non-religious stances, and to develop respect and sensitivity. It continues to provide opportunities for pupils to explore their own beliefs, values and traditions.

The six major faiths found in Britain will be covered, though Christianity will be the dominant religion studied. Secular philosophies will also be studied.

Cllr David Harty, Cambridgeshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Learning said: “There is genuine excitement amongst teachers about the new syllabus. They believe its approach will add more fun, interest and challenge to pupils and the teachers alike.

“It will support greater religious literacy and an understanding in the faiths of others, fostering dialogue and understanding to eliminate prejudices and misunderstanding about religions. The new syllabus will provide excellent opportunities to support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils.”