‘Positive feed back’ to Wisbech solar farm plans

‘Positive feedback’ to Wisbech solar farm plans

Belectric UK’s planning team held a public consultation at the Rosmini Centre to hear the views from local residents in relation to the planning application. Members of the community were invited to share and express their thoughts on the proposed project so Belectric UK can include them’ prior to its submission to Fenland District Council this summer.

Earlier this month, Belectric UK launched a new energy company called ‘Big60Million’, which is a platform that supports the local community around a solar farm to benefit financially, environmentally and socially.

The new energy company allows communities to invest in solar power by buying community energy solar bonds which will provide a fixed interest rate for five years, with the option to reinvest after that time.

The ‘Big60Million’ initiative was highlighted at the consultation, and was positively received by all participants.

As part of the planning and build phase, Belectric UK incorporates a biodiversity and habitat management programme to its solar farms.

Belectric UK aims to show how solar and nature can in turn work together to prosper the environment with greener energy but also help preserve and enhance British wildlife.

The company already houses 960,000 bees across their solar farms to help curb the rapid decline of bees and all sites will also be joined by bird, hedgehog and bat homes creating a flourishing nature sanctuary.

Raoul Tufnell, Development and Planning Manager at Belectric UK, led the consultation and said: “We received some excellent feedback from local residents and a notable appetite for the community energy bonds to be made available.

“Taking on board local people’s comments at this event and as part of the wider pre-application process is an essential part of defining the design we would like to submit to the council.”