Potato relaunch

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The Co-operative Food is re-packaging and re-launching its “Pioneer” potatoes, to celebrate the International Year of Co-operatives.

The Pioneer potatoes, which are grown exclusively by The Co-operative Farms at its estate at Coldham are named after the Rochdale Pioneers, who founded the Co-operative movement in 1844.

The limited-edition Pioneer is an ideal salad potato with a creamy taste, which will be available in stores priced at £1.50 per 1kg bag. The new-look packaging features the 2012 International Year of Co-operatives logo.

The potatoes are grown exclusively for and by The Co-operative at its Coldham farm, which celebrated its centenary earlier this year. In 1896, the Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS) bought its first farm at Roden in Shropshire, with the primary purpose of growing potatoes.

Kate Jones, who heads up The Co-operative’s farming operation, said: “The Co-operative has a long history of farming and producing potatoes, and the Pioneer is now an established part of our range. They have been a huge success since they launched and are still very popular with shoppers.

“We’re proud to re-launch and re-package the Pioneer as part of the International Year of Co-operatives, as this exclusive range is the perfect example of co-operation between The Co-operative Farms and The Co-operative Food.”

Pioneer potatoes will be available in around 1,500 Co-operative food stores throughout the UK from 17 October. For further information or details of local stockists, contact The Co-operative Careline free on 0800 0686 727