Pressing for rail improvements

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TWO Norfolk MPs have continued to press the case for an upgrade of the Ely North junction as part of the economic growth of the region.

South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss and Mid Norfolk MP George Freeman met with Justine Green, the Secretary of State for Transport, where they were given an update on rail improvements.

The Secretary of State told the MPs the Department for Transport plans to even out the rail spend across the whole of the country and that their request to present the case for the Ely North upgrade was very timely as the DFT is taking a broader view especially with the Thameslink consultation currently underway.

The upgrade of Ely North will benefit the King’s Lynn, Ely to Norwich and Ely to Peterborough lines. There will also be benefits for the movement of freight transport.

Currently, the Ely North Junction is creating a bottleneck which campaigners say is impacting on the economic growth of the area.

In January, Norfolk MPs hosted a rail summit in Westminster with local councils, LEPs and rail providers to press for the upgrade.

They want improvements to the Ely North junction specified in the Thameslink and Anglia franchise agreements.

This will enable a twice hourly service from King’s Lynn to King’s Cross, from Norwich to Cambridge and more frequent services from Ipswich to Peterborough.