Turbine plans are blown out

FENLAND’s planning committee have gone against officer recommendations and rejected plans for three wind turbines at a site in Wisbech.

Members refused an application by Mrs G Warden to build three 14.97 metre high turbines on land that was once part of a commercial yard at Warden and Son at 150 Barton Road, Wisbech at Wednesday’s planning meeting.

A report by officers recommended the application for approval for a period of 25 years from when electricity is produced on the site.

But members decided the visual impact of the proposal would be detrimental to the surrounding area and residential properties in close proximity to the site.

There were 16 letters opposed to the application from residents whose objections included t he possible devaluation of their properties as well as the effect on wildlife and the visual impact on the area.

Wisbech Town Council also opposed the plan on the grounds that the number of turbines in a residential area would set an unwanted precedent, and also the height of the turbines was too high and out of keeping with surrounding residential properties.

However, the officer’s report described the turbines as ‘small scale’. It also states that officers did initially agree they would have a detrimental i mpact on the area, but through the consultation process their view had changed.

“It has become apparent through the consultation process that although the turbines will be visible in the immediate locality their height and colouring will minimise the extent of the impact on the immediate and wider locality.

“Consultation responses from English Heritage and Fenland’s conservation officer conclude that from a distance of 200m the turbines have limited visual impact so there will be no impact on the closest heritage assets which lie approximately 800 metres away from the nearest turbine.”