Busway builds on success new research shows

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NEW research shows that the Cambridgeshire Busway continues to succeed, with passenger numbers significantly ahead of expectation and many people choosing to leave their car at home and take the bus instead.

A survey commissioned by the County Council and Akins found that passenger numbers for the first year were running around 40% ahead of forecast. With up to 80% of passengers having access to a car, but choosing to ride the Busway instead.

The Busway is attracting passengers who are making the journey for a variety of reasons including commuters, students and people heading into Cambridge for medical reasons – and nearly half the passengers are catching the bus on a daily basis with more than 70% of users staying loyal to the service since its launch.

The quality of the buses, the smooth ride and access to free wifi are also proving very popular with passengers many of whom said that using the Busway had also cut their journey time.

For full details of the survey, go to: http://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/transport/around/usingbusway/history/buswayusersurveyspring2012.htm