Cabinet shuffle at Fenland

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A raft of new appointments at Fenland Council has been announced by leader Alan Melton.

They include the promotion of Simon King to the Cabinet as the new portfolio holder responsible for Renaissance and Conservation.

Other moves within the Cabinet see John Clark take on responsibility for benefits and Pop Jolley add strategic assets to his brief. Peter Murphy will oversee planning policy. Some changes have also been made to various committees. Alex Miscandlon is the new chairman of the planning committee and David Stebbing becomes chairman of the staff committee. Jan French becomes vice-chairman of overview and scrutiny.

Mr Melton said: “Mr King is a welcome addition to the Cabinet. He brings a wealth of experience and integrity and he has a very important job to do. I’ve also decided to keep the Cabinet at nine members rather than the 10 the constitution allows for. That means a revenue saving of about £16,000. We’re having to cut back everywhere else, including staff, so it’s only right that we should make some savings in the Cabinet, too. We have a strong team with the right mix of skills to guide the council over the next couple of years up to the next election.”