Call for drivers to stop speeding through Manea

Paul Finney by the traffic speed indicator on Westfield Road, Manea.
Paul Finney by the traffic speed indicator on Westfield Road, Manea.

A driver was clocked doing 75mph through Manea during a recent Speed Watch, leading one resident to say it is like “living in Silverstone”.

Paul Finney, who lives in Westfield Road, said speeding is a real issue and wants a speed camera installed to fine drivers who do not obey the 30mph limit.

A week-long Speed Watch conducted by the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire Road Policing Unit found over half of drivers heading towards March along Westfield Road were speeding. Evenings seem to be the worst time for offenders, with one driver doing 75mph in the 30mph zone.

Mr Finney said: “There is a flashing 30mph sign outside my house, but it’s about as much use as a chocolate teapot. I have asked the police to take it away.”

John Loughlin, the traffic management officer who carried out the exercise, said the data collected confirmed Mr Finney’s fears about the speed of vehicles on the road.

He said: “I am writing to the Traffic Department at Cambs Police to request that they target this location with speed enforcement.

“I do believe that speed enforcement alone along this road will not end the problem and that the ultimate solution will be engineering of the road to make the motorist drive slower. But this will be for the parish council to take to highways.”

Sgt Alan Boughen from Cambs Police said: “Speeding in Manea was identified as a priority at the latest forum meeting.

“Speed Watch and enforcement checks have been conducted in recent weeks. We will use information from those surveys to allow us to better focus our patrols to problem areas and times.”

The data collected showed 52.65 per cent of vehicles going towards March were travelling at 35mph or above. In the opposite direction, the figure was 19.51 per cent. The combined figure of speeding vehicles was 36.53 per cent.