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Call to clear up Wisbech ‘gateway’

Rubbish in Nene Quay
Rubbish in Nene Quay

A businessman who is fed up with rubbish piling up in the “gateway to Wisbech” is calling for action.

Clifford Humphreys says piles of bin bags, which are sometimes torn, in Nene Quay make the town look untidy.

He is calling for greater education and for people to take a collective responsibility to keep the area looking good.

Mr Humphreys also has concerns about the health issues associated with the rubbish.

He said: “This road is the gateway to Wisbech and this does not create a very good impression of the town.

“When people come into the town they see the lovely architecture along North Brink, then they look up and see an eyesore.

“We are living in the seventh biggest economy in the world and this looks like some Middle East war zone.”

Mr Humphreys says the rubbish is piled in a recess close to some residential properties as the residents have nowhere to store their rubbish. There are some commercial bins nearby.

Mr Humphreys said: “There should be more collective responsibility.

“I feel that people should not be allowed to dump their rubbish.”

A spokesman for Fenland District Council said: “We ask everyone – including landlords, tenants and businesses – to ensure their rubbish is disposed of properly. In this particular location it is hard to determine who is responsible for it.

“When we visited last week, the trade bins of an adjacent company were overflowing, so we have spoken to the manager there and advised that they need to get their bins emptied by their contractor and make sure they make regular collections to avoid future build-ups. Our Street Scene officers will also keep an eye on the situation.”

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