Call to help bereaved people in Fenland

Bereaved people in Fenland are missing out on vital help and support which is why a national charity is appealing for more volunteers.Cruse Bereavement Care has had to suspend its one-to-one counselling service in Fenland because there are just not enough volunteer counsellors available to run it.

Better bereavement provision is one of ten points on a wish-list of improved health services for this area drawn up by local MP Steve Barclay as part of his Treat Me Local campaign.

Momentum for the campaign, which was launched last month, has been steadily building, with hundreds of people signing up in support.

Better bereavement services was added to the list after Steve was told of the lack of personal counselling for people who have lost a loved one during consultation with local GPs.

“I was disturbed to hear local people are missing out on this vital service at a time when they really need help. Losing a loved one is always a difficult time and some people struggle to cope with their loss. Counselling can help them, which is why I have made improved provision a priority,” said Steve.

Cruse took the difficult decision to suspend its one-to-one service rather than keep people hanging on a waiting list for a service they could not currently provide.

Bereaved Fenland residents can receive counselling over the phone, but it is not the same as having one-to-one sessions.

The charity is looking to recruit at least three volunteers to join the two currently operating in this area to help them reinstate the service.

Volunteers will have to undergo a training course run by the charity at a cost of £250, which the volunteer will have to pay. There is a limited number of bursaries available in case of financial difficulty. Payment can also be made in instalments.

The course will run over 48 hours split into sessions run between October 11 and January 24.

Applicants will be interviewed prior to the course and applications must be submitted by August 1, places are limited. For further information contact: 01223 302662.

There will be a further interview following completion of the course for those wanting to join Cruse.

For more information and to sign up to Steve’s Treat Me Local campaign visit: