Call to support lobby against cuts

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A GROUP is urging people from the Fenland area to join a lobby of Cambridgeshire county councillors at Shire Hall in response to cuts to services.

Campaigners are opposed to the cuts and Andrew Osborne, secretary of Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts said: “Cambridgeshire is a rural county with very little transportation infrastructure, the rural bus routes are vital to ensure the rural population can access the facilities and services only available in the counties major cities and towns.

“Cuts to these bus routes will affect the poor, the unemployed and pensioners.”

He added: “I urge all rural bus users and concerned citizens to join Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts on the steps of the Shire Hall in Cambridge at 9am on Tuesday January 31 to lobby the council cabinet meeting and ensure they see sense and accept the will of the people of Cambridgeshire to save our buses.”

Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts and the Campaign for better transport launched a legal challenge to the county council’s subsidy withdrawal plan last year challenging their consultation. Last August the council agreed to suspend the programme of cuts and conduct a new consultation.

On January 13 the results of the consultation were announced with three percent of respondents supporting the council’s proposals to cut the bus subsidies and 82 percent in opposition.