Calls to clear up Wisbech Park

Litter is strewn around the horse shoe bench in Wisbech Park
Litter is strewn around the horse shoe bench in Wisbech Park

Calls have been made to clear up Wisbech Park and to clamp down on yobs’ boozing sessions.

Vivienne Hatch is fed up with seeing vast amounts of rubbish left around the pretty park following parties.

She is calling on the police and Fenland District Council to enforce the alcohol exclusion zone and clear up the site.

Ms Hatch uses the park daily for her dog walks and is disappointed with how it is being treated after seeing bottles and cans strewn around.

She said: “Something needs to be done.

“Two shrubberies have had to be dug up and planted with flowers to stop people urinating and defecating in them.

“It is a lovely park and it is totally wrong that it is being treated in this way. I would like more policing in there. They should not be holding parties in the park as there is an alcohol exclusion zone.

“I think people will stop using the park, which would be a shame.”

Ms Hatch found three empty Budweiser boxes and 36 empty bottles strewn around the children’s activity area in Harbour Line.

She said: “This is not a one-off, it is a regular occurrence, not only on the Harbour Line, but in the children’s playground, the bandstand, the two picnic tables – in fact anywhere they fancy.

“Bottles get broken and are a danger to children and the dogs walked in the park. The Street Scene guys do a great job of clearing up, but this problem needs addressing.

“Walkers have named a group who sit on the horse shoe bench drinking beer early in the morning, the Breakfast Club – but it is not something we want to see.”

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire police said: “We are aware of the public perception concerns regarding the park and are working on a number of ways to tackle the issues and reassure residents.

“We work closely with the district council and will take appropriate action where anti-social behaviour is reported. If anyone has concerns, call police.”

Fenland District Council said: “We visit the park twice a day to clear up any litter and we also patrol the park every day. In addition, our CCTV team monitor the main areas and report any instances of drinking directly to the police or other relevant agencies.

“Under the terms of the Designated Public Place Order (DPPO), drinking alcohol in the park is not in itself banned but police have the powers to remove any alcohol from people caught drinking and behaving in an antisocial way.”