CAMBS: Name that gritter

CAMBRIDGESHIRE school children have come up with the novel names for the county’s road gritting fleet.

The county council held a “Name the Gritter” competition in the autumn.

Lyn Hesse, road safety officer for Cambridgeshire County Council said: “This has once again been a really popular competition and has helped to raise the profile of child road safety as well as the winter maintenance work of the highways department in the county.”

The winning names are: Usain Salt (by Zara Dighton of St Helen’s Primary School in Bluntisham)

Sir Spreadalot (by Peter Warrington of Histon and Impington Junior School)

Great Gritain (by Lynden Barker of St Mary’s Primary School, St Neots)

Ivor Snowplough (by Evie Goodge of Sutton Primary School)

Cllr Tony Orgee, County Council Cabinet Member for Community Infrastructure added: “The County Council’s fleet of gritters plays a vital role in helping to keep the county moving in winter. I am delighted that schoolchildren have embraced the naming competition so enthusiastically, while at the same time learning all about road safety and how we keep our roads safe in cold weather.”